Ethereal Facials

Ethereal Signature Facial$70

This is an introduction for the perfect first time facial. Your face is cleansed, steamed, toned, chemically exfoliated using enzymes, and finished off with a seasonal moisturizing mask and suited moisturizer. Enjoy relaxation from tranquil massaging and heated elements. This facial reveals a brighter and more refined youthful appearance.

Galvanic Facial$80

Galvanic facials use a direct galvanic electrical current that introduces moisturizing products through the skin's surface in an effort to improve ingredient absorption and moisture retention. Galvanic facial treatments are best offered for skin that is dry or dehydrated, although it also aids in treating those with oily complexions due to its effective removal of congestion.

High Frequency Facial$80

Direct High Frequency facials use a glass electrode filled with argon gas. As the high frequency current is passed down the electrode an oxygen pocket is created between the electrode and the skin causing the oxygen to become unstable and turn into ozone. This direct current helps dry out spots and has an antibacterial effect, thus being suitable for oilier skin types or those with a few specific acne blemishes.

Teen Facial$75

A facial geared towards the teenager's skin. Assessing the skin and determining what measure of attention is needed. Special attention is paid to deep cleansing and exfoliation. We teach teens how to take care of their skin at home with recommendations for products and simple hygiene techniques to keep acne at bay.

Light and Heat Energy Facial$145

Benefits from light and heat energy are nothing short of amazing. Working in synergy, results are accumulative creating that youthful essence, creating a new confidence. The facial that time stands still for. Consultations are recommended.

Anti-Aging Resurfacing Facial$85

This facial will awaken your senses and take your skin to new heights. We use Keyano professional skincare products, acclimated for all skin types. This is the facial for problematic skin, custom blended from your facial analysis. This process includes a deep cleanse, a steam treatment, an enzyme exfoliation, a tailored peel to meet your skin's needs, and a soothing facial mask and scalp massage along with our warm additions. It is the facial that rejuvenates and awakens the skin.

Gratuities are not included in our pricing. 
Standard gratuity rates are 15%-20% of the total cost of your services pre-discounts.